About Kina

Kina is a photo stock agency in the field of nature, cultural history, travel, recreation and nature experience. We are committed to high quality pictures and work with a select group of professional photographers.

Kina was founded in 1997 by a group of nature photographers in cooperation with the then famous photo agency Kippa. After being part of Kippa and later ANP for several years, Kina became a fully independent company in 2003.

Image Bank

In our image database you can search the complete archive and purchase the images immediately. It is of course also possible to let us do the searching. We can submit a selection of digital files on approval, or we can put your selection in our image bank, ready for you to view at any time. Naturally all search instructions are without obligations and free of charge. If we are unable to find the right image(s) for you, we have an extensive network of photographers and contacts to get the suitable picture. Our photographers are available for assignment photography, both for small contracts and for long-term projects.

Archive management

In addition to her activities as a photo stock agency, Kina specialises in managing and providing access to image archives. We have a solution for every archive , whether it is an online image bank for free publicity material or an exclusive image bank that is only accessible to a select group of users , everything is possible. We are of course always prepared to actively contribute ideas about a suitable solution that fits your business or organisation.